Blind Nerd Toolbox

Welcome to Blind Nerd Toolbox. Blind Nerd Toolbox is a program designed to allow blind users to get information on running processes on their computer and other hardware related information without the need for using a windowed program such as task manager. Task manager in recent years is known to be clunky, sluggish, and otherwise bloated. This program aims to bring back the simplicity of older task manager versions, and maybe even increase efficiency some.
The program also includes different monitors. You can focus a process, and then turn on memory/CPU monitors for that process. You can also turn on monitors for the entire system's CPU/RAM status.
The free version will exit after 15 minutes of use.
Download BNT here

Buy a key

A key costs $10 US. With this key, the program will remove the nag dialog on startup and allow the program to run indefinitely.
Note! All keys are processed manually. If you don't get your key right away, this is why.